Message from the President

ZAZA Group has been taking up challenges in new fields in accordance with the pace of the times from the day of its founding in 1946.

Our company culture encourages fearlessness and acceptance of changes in our environment, and aims to forge a company that can continue to grow forevermore without forgetting our corporate philosophy, “Handsome Heart Forever.” It speaks of always caring about not only our customers but also our employees and their families, while maintaining a positive frame of mind.

Although the Japanese government is currently promoting women’s empowerment in the workplace, there has always been a very high percentage of women at our company. Our many female employees are playing an active part in building our future.

Simultaneously with our building of a working environment in which each employee can make the most of their individuality, regardless of gender, we are also pushing forward with creating an environment in which everyone can actively participate in management.

In addition, the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) are key indicators for our company as well, and we are working on how we can make contributions to society via areas such as “employment,” “production,” and “innovation.”

In recent years, the progress of information technology has been remarkable. As a result of this, new information and techniques are entering our company at a rapid pace.

Growth strategies in line with conventional wisdom in the apparel industry can no longer be created.

Moreover, we are now in an era in which competition unavoidably takes place beyond the old boundaries of industries such as retail, manufacturing, and services.

Not changing means declining instead.

No matter how much IT advances, or AI blends into everyday life, it is certain that the integrity that we in Japan call the “omotenashi spirit,” which is a kind of spirit of hospitality that values the customers of each and every one of our employees, can spread joy and prosperity throughout our lives.

ZAZA Group is actively developing its personnel regardless of age, gender,nationality or capability so as to establish a new direction as a business that disseminates a diversity of information while further solidifying its identity, held since its establishment, as a “comprehensive clothing brand business.” that handles everything from the manufacturing to marketing of regular- to large-sized men’s and ladies’ fashion garments in an integrated manner. No matter what external challenges we may face, we with all our employees will continue to evolve and grow over the next 5 years and the next 10 years, as we build a brighter future together.

Hiroto Hora,CEO